Find a houses producer

The Association of Log Houses Producers (ALHP) provides information, consultations and other services to foreign enterprises which are searching for contacts with Lithuanian log houses producers and with other enterprises of the wood industry. Traditionally, the Lithuanian wood industry is one of the biggest and has profound traditions. In Lithuania, there are about 120 log house producers and about 100 producers of timber-framed and framework houses. These companies are very different in their size, production technologies applied and markets they are operating in.

Our services:

I. Help to find partners in Lithuania:
- consult foreign enterprises which are searching for producers in Lithuania;
- help to set business contacts with producers;
- organise meetings and visits to Lithuanian enterprises;
- assist foreign enterprises in fulfilling orders in Lithuania.

II. Invest capital in Lithuanian wood industry:
- place information about investments in the Lithuanian wood industry;
- help to find direct enterprises to invest in;
- consult about purchase of enterprises and production relocation to Lithuania;
- organise meetings and lend support at the first stage of negotiations.